July 10, 2015
3 years and 7 days since
our celebration.

In the year 1823 our Great-Grand+Grandfather Caleb Crowdy was born to the son of an African slave on a plantation in St. Mary's County Maryland.  

Caleb later took a wife who's name was Fanny (born in 1826) and out of that union emerged many generations.  Much of the documentation of those years have been lost and thus we resume our history as follows:

In 1894 - 
(as documented by the 1900 U.S. Federal Census) - Charles Smith (Native American descent) took Mary Crowdy (daughter of Caleb and Fanny) to be his lawfully wedded wife.  The couple settled in the District of Columbia and raised a family; out of which many more generations have come.

Today at TEN Generations Strong,  Our 2015 Family Reunion Planning Committee has put forth great effort to bring the family together in Honor and Celebration of our ancestors.  A Grand weekend filled with Fun, Excitement and Love awaits us all.

                                  When:  July 10 - 12,  2015
                                  Where:  Charm City - Baltimore, Maryland

Please Register and RSVP soon.
Committee Members
Beverly Davis
Patricia Wright
Tracy Parker - Morant
Willie Long
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